5 Photographers in Los Angeles Every Influencer Needs To Shoot With

Looking to up your Instagram game? Here's some of my favorite photographer that I've shot with!

#1  Fallon

Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 2.41.05 PM.png

Fallon is a photographer for Show Me Your Mumu, a bohemian fashion brand based in Los Angeles. She has done freelance photography for both influencers and companies. 

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#2 Steven

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Steven is a freelance photographer based on the westside of Los Angeles. He has shot for various bloggers and YouTubers including Shelby Church, Damon and Jo, Fatima Reedy and Jessie Paege. 

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#3 Makito 

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Makito is your go-to guy for moody portraits and travel photography. He was super chill and great at knowing specific adjustments to make your pose look better and more natural. We shot in the Venice canals during sunset, and they turned out great with these really cool desaturated look. I particularly love his editing, I'm someone who loves to see the RAW files and mess with them myself but I'd say just trust Makito to edit them for you because they're gonna look great!

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#4 Matt

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A Los Angeles Native, Matt shoots everything from product photography to Instagram lifestyle shoots. I've worked with him on some awesome night photography that I put in a video, you can check it out here - https://goo.gl/JDC8gM. If you're looking for a product or lifestyle photographer, or just someone to shoot your Instagram photos, Matt's your guy. He also started his own vlog and is a really talented videographer and editor!

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#5 Lucy

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Lucy actually has been my main videographer and photographer for over a year! She started shooting for me after she finished school at UC Santa Barbara. I like shooting with her because she's really chill and never makes photoshoots awkward or uncomfortable, and she's willing to go the extra mile for the photo or video (example: we've been kicked out of multiple clothing stores shooting my videos and she's never complained). She also does really unique animations and visual art.

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