Thank you so much again for your interest in applying to be a Shuttr freelancer. The next step is to record a simple video on your webcam or phone. Please respond to the following questions in a video under 5 minutes. After you are done, please upload an unlisted YouTube video and submit the link to this form.

1. Tell us about yourself. 

2. Elaborate on your experience with freelance photography, videography, and or video editing.  For example, have you shot: events, portraits, weddings, influencers, Instagram, studio, product photography, etc?

3. What kind of content you like to shoot (lifestyle, product, fashion, event, action, YouTube, etc)?

4. How would you respond to the following scenario:  You were booked by a client who wanted to take photos with her friends at a loft downtown for her Instagram profile. When you get to the shoot, you notice that your client is uncomfortable and it shows on camera. What would you do next?